Original Bitters Compound Tincture from Herbalist and Alchemist


By Herbalist & Alchemist

David Winston’s Original Bitters Compound is used to stimulate and support healthy digestive function.

A few drops in water before a meal gets those juices flowing!

Do not use if you have hyperchlorhydria. Use cautiously if you have gastric uclers, gastritis or GERD.

Eat slowly, chew thoroughly and eat simple meals. Avoid drinking large amounts of cold liquids with meals. Relax at meals; do not eat while standing up, watching TV or when you are upset.

From Herbalist & Alchemist, includes Dandelion, Gentian & Angelica roots, as well as Artichoke leaf, Orange peel and Peppermint aerial parts in a menstrum of organic alcohol and distilled water.

2 oz glass dropper bottle


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