Mudworks Pottery Mugs


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These whimsical mugs from Mudworks Pottery are perfect to hold any of your favorite beverages, be they hot or cold!

All of their mugs are hand-thrown in stoneware clay and hand-painted. This piece was hand-dipped in our lead free glazes. Each mug holds approximately 14 fluid ounces. Accounting for the hand-made nature of this mug, please realize that no two are completely identical. That is the unique beauty of handcrafted items!

Microwave, dishwasher, and food safe. Avoid extreme changes in temperature and do not use on the stove/on an open flame. Hand-made in the heart of the Poconos, PA, USA.


I Love You to the Moon, Blue Moon Gnome, Flower Pop Gnome, Shunuk the Viking, Hildegard the Viking, Dragonfly, Yes, I Can Drive a Stick, Black Cat, Magic Mushrooms, Mushroom Gnome, Bunny Moon, Bees, Raven


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