Prayer Flags, Medicine Buddha Small


In Tibetan Buddhism, the Medicine Buddha mantra and practice are considered extremely powerful for healing illnesses and purifying negative karma. Meditating on the Supreme Healer can promote healing for oneself and others, as well as to help overcome inner sicknesses such as attachment, hatred, and ignorance.

This popular size flag measures 6″sq x 5’l.

The origin of printing prayer flags in Tibet is said to date back to the 11th century. As the wind blows the printed prayers are carried off to the universe while rains carry the prayers to the earth. The hanging of prayer flags is thought to promote good fortune and to dispel danger. In Tibet, they are called Lung-ta or Windhorse, named for often featured mystical animal who carries the prayers to the universe on the spiritual winds. Tibetan prayer flags are printed with sacred mantras and the names of deities; once they fade they should be burned to respectfully dispose of them. The five colors of the flags represent the harmony of five elements in balance; blue=sky and space, white=air and wind, red=fire, green=water and yellow=earth. Tibet Collection prayer flags are specially packaged with attractive labeling that provides detailed information about the history of prayer flags, the Tibetan artisan group that produces the flags, and the meanings and use of that particular flag set.


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