Car Charms from Jacob’s Musical Chimes


Car Charms from Jacob’s Musical Chimes are perfect to hang on rear view mirror for relaxing sounds while driving
Great for mindful driving: Don’t get mad; just tap your chime and drive on!
Three hand-tuned pipes hang from whimsical shapes
Always perfectly tuned!

Jacob’s Car Charms contain three musical notes: F#, A and B.  Guess what they spell? FAB…
So just be FAB and enjoy the peace and relaxation of pleasant chime music in your car.

9” ball chain included
Cute “Beetle” pack for easy gifting
Longest pipe is 1-1/4”

Our musical car chimes will soothe and relax as you navigate through the busy highways of life. Chime maker Jacob Sokoloff hand tunes these car chimes to produce a musical sound guaranteed to make you smile. The Musical Car Charm features three perfectly tuned pipes hanging from a whimsical shape. The chime image has a baked-on green and gold finish. The cute packaging makes it a perfect gift. Hang it from your rear view mirror, spice cupboard knob, ceiling fan pull, or use as a holiday ornament! The Car Charm comes packaged attached to a cute little cardboard “Beetle” and wrapped in a poly bag — it’s the ideal gift!


Buddha, Cat, Dolphin, Dragonfly, Elephant, Faerie, Hand of Hamsa, Heart, Hummingbird, Kokopeli, Mermaid, Moon & Star, Paw, Sun, Turtle, Sea Turtle, Angel, Butterfly, Chi, Flower, Ladybug, Om, Owl, Paw, Peace Sign, Star, Sun, Tree


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