Door Knob Chimes from Jacob’s Chimes


These Door Knob Chimes will greet your guests with pure music and you always know when someone is coming or going.

Musical instrument maker Jacob Sokoloff takes great care in the tuning of this chime. The blending of its four notes, all tuned in the pentatonic scale, creates a pleasant and musical effect at the slightest movement of the door.

Simply hang on the door knob with the 3″ ring and open the door to music!

You can even teach your dog to ring the chimes when s/he wants to go out!

Choose your favorite design.

  • Hangs on almost any doorknob from its 3″ steel ring
  • Dimensions: About 5″ wide and 12″ tall, longest pipe is 5-1/2″. Steel and powder coated aluminum

Jacob Sokoloff has been designing windchimes since 1981.  Deeply influenced by the tranquility of our own Native American music and the ancient music of the Far East, Jacob chose the five-note pentatonic scale in the key of C for his chimes.  He feels that a well-tuned chime evokes rest, calm, and creativity.  It is his pleasure to make these perfectly tuned chimes for you!


Faerie, Turtle, Butterfly, Hummingbird, Dragonfly, Cat, Paw


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