Little Piper Chimes from Jacob’s Chimes


Jacob’s Musical Little Piper Chimes are small — yet surprisingly vocal.

Musical instrument maker Jacob Sokoloff takes great care in the tuning of this wind chime. The blending of its three notes, all tuned in the pentatonic scale, creates a pleasant and musical effect when struck by the hematite clapper.

The Little Piper Wind Chime is made with weatherproof materials, so hang it in the kitchen, the garden, the car, in a window –almost anywhere! We make music everywhere we go!

  • Made in the U.S.A. by musical instrument maker Jacob Sokoloff
  • Surprisingly vocal for its size.
  • Three notes struck by hematite clapper create pleasant musical sound
  • Weatherproof materials – suitable for hanging indoors or out
  • Cast metal image finished with antique brass
  • Overall dimensions 12” x 2”, longest pipe is 3.3”

Butterfly, Tree, Sun, Sea Turtle, Owl, Ladybug, Om, Mermaid, Kokopeli, Hummingbird, Hand of Hamsa, Faerie, Elephant, Dolphin, Dragonfly, Moon & Star, Cat


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