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Little Protector Dolls


These Little Protector Dolls can be a friend to carry in your pocket. Ask them to protect you, to bring you luck, to give you advice when you’re caught in a quandary.

Feed them crumbs from your lunch, sing to them, offer them your breath. Make them a bag to hold messages and promises, string beads around their neck, ask them to tell you their name.

Work with your Little Protector to enhance and support your own magic, or offer one to a friend who needs a little extra support.

Dolls and poppets are part of the magickal traditions of many cultures. Your doll is made using mostly European techniques, particularly the eastern European tradition of using only knots—no needles—in the construction. While your little protector is quite sturdy, they may not stand up to intense play in the hands of a young child.

Your Little Protector is not intended for hexing magick.

Lovingly handmade by Beth Weaver-Kreider, local artist, poet, teacher, and witch.

These Little Protector friends are handmade, and no two are the same. If there is color combination you like, let us know in the order notes. Or we can pick one out for you if you do not have a preference!


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