Silk Tarot Scarf


It is traditional to wrap your tarot or oracle deck in silk when it is not in use to protect it from unwanted energies. There are slight color variations in each silk tarot scarf because I use plants to dye them.

Alkanet shares a silver thistle color on the silk and is protective of our physical health.

Osage orange wood chips give a deep golden hue. The wood chips I use are given to me by a traditional bow-maker. I think of it as “spinning straw into gold.”

Tansy gives a soft greenish gold color. Tansy is a good energy protection – it is used traditionally as an insect repellent, and to establish strong boundaries.

Pomegranate rind gives a shimmering pewter color. Pomegranate is most strongly associated with the goddess Persephone, who is Goddess of the Underworld, as well as goddess of vegetation.

Logwood and pomegranate rind together create a plum with bronze undertone.

Dye Plant

Osage Orange (golden), Alkanet (silver thistle), Tansy (pale green gold), Pomegranate (shimmering pewter), Logwood & Pomegranate (plum with bronze undertone)


52" x 8", 68" x 7", 12" x 12"


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